Consultancy & Implementation Services

We offer our Consultancy and Implementation Services for the following Sectors

Oil & Gas Industry

  • Lightning related Risk Assessment of oil refineries, oil wells, and gas pipelines
  • Designing and implementing protection systems for oil tank farms and surrounding facilities
  • The solution to fire risk due to nearby lightning (especially in floating roof type tanks)
  • Bonding and grounding of pipelines
  • Solutions to grounding issues in sulfur and salt-rich environments

Telecommunication Systems and Transmission Towers

  • Grounding and bonding of antenna structures (towers) and base transmission stations (BTS); Specialized in designing grounding systems for sites on ultra-high resistive grounds
  • Tailor-made transient protection solutions to transceiver equipment and other network systems
  • Design and implementation of surge protection for consumer utilities such as PABX, fax, modem, hubs & switches, computers, etc.

Building Construction Sector

  • Threat assessment and Risk management of hospitals, large industrial complexes

Factories and all Industrial/commercial/government building complexes

  • Strategic position planning and design management of electrical equipment, computer facilities, and other sensitive systems for maximum electromagnetic compatibility
  • Designing and implementing lightning structural protection systems for large factories, petrochemical installations, airport and aviation systems, maritime and naval systems, archeologically important structures and national heritage, schools. hospitals and other service-providing sectors
  • Designing and implementing surge protection systems for low voltage power systems and data communication systems, networks, and equipment
  • Addressing lightning-related problems and rectification of electrical systems in already constructed buildings
  • Providing the best total solutions for lightning and transient protection needs of high-risk installations

Insurance Sector

  • Forensic investigations on lightning damages and injuries for insurance and self-audit purposes.
  • Staff training for threat assessment and risk calculation/management


  • Lightning Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility of defense installations such as magazines, temporary ammunition dumps, rocket launching pads & multi-barrel platforms, explosive delivery vehicles, etc.

Special Cases

We are experts in providing total solutions to

  • Grounding issues at locations of ultra-high ground resistively (on the rocks, fine sand, etc)
  • lightning threats to highly exposed systems such as radomes and other radar systems/equipment, airport and aviation systems, naval crafts
  • Installations that require zero percent failure (nuclear power plants, museums, national heritage etc.)
  • Special cases of lightning issues (solutions by research)

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