Lightning Protection of Equipment (LV & signal systems)

Lightning Protection of Equipment (LV & signal systems)

Expected Outcome: At the end of this course the participant will be able to understand the basic engineering concepts of threat level evaluation and protection against lightning transient, to design surge protection systems for commercial and industrial installations, and to select the best-suited surge protective components for a given assignment.

Topic 1
Concerns prior to Transient Protection Designs of LV systems


Wiring systems, power system anomalies, over current and earth fault tripping devices, strategic positioning of sophisticated equipment, Brief introduction to shielding effectiveness of materials for electromagnetic RF and microwave regions.

Topic 2
Protect equipment against power transients


Need for protection, Damage statistics, Coupling mechanisms, Protection scenario, Modes of protection, Peak current handing capacity, let-through voltage, MCOV, follow-current, etc., Classes of surge protectors, Types of surge protectors, Zonal concept of protection, SPD selection criteria, Installation concerns, Low-frequency grounding, Test impulses, and testing procedures.

Topic 3
Protection of signal (VLV) systems


Transmission of surges through signal lines, protection scenario, signal line protection devices, installation concerns, effective internal cabling, outdoor cabling, micro link connections, grounding of receivers, high-frequency grounding, Test impulses and testing methods, Location selection for IT, and other sophisticated equipment, Shielding and bonding of network systems.

Topic 4
The technology of surge protective devices and practical concerns


Characteristics of Spark gaps, GDTs, MOVs, and SADs, etc., advantages and drawbacks of each type, Hybrid systems, Behaviour under test impulses, Review on international products, Manufacturing feasibilities.

Topic 5

Discussion and tutorials


Q & A on specific surge protection issues, designing of a comprehensive surge protection system for a given large-scale installation (eg. Hospital)

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