We provided a wide range of products. We have products in aluminum and stainless steel, beams, steel plates, steel tubes, bearings, and steel bars.

We have done the installation, Testing & Commissioning of internal and external communication systems for several Metro stations (Inst. for 19 & testing & commissioning for 29 in total):

  • CCTV System
  • MMS (Multi-Media Service System)
  • FON (Fibre Optic Network)
  • IAS (Intelligent Access System)
  • TNS (Telephone Network System)
  • TDS (Time Domain System)
  • PAS (Passenger Address System)
  • PIS (Public Information System)
  • BBRS & NBRS (Broad Band/Narrow Band Radio System)
  • OBS (On-Board System)

Client: Thales
Location: Dubai, UAE

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